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network of voluntary organisations to inspire, connect and empower society in Britain

VOICES is a network of voluntary organisations founded by Hizmet-inspired people to inspire, connect and empower society in Britain through education, dialogue and upward social mobility projects. These organisations are founded on shared values, ideals, principles and praxis underpinned by a deep commitment to empathy, care and social responsibility. They value positive and proactive forms of practice informed and developed through consultative...

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VOICES will assist its members by (i) streamlining output through the sharing of best practice and ideas, and (ii) building capacity through specialist support and training. By acting from a common platform, strengthened by regular meetings, VOICES members will be better informed and so better placed to benefit from each other's strengths and skills not replicating work already done, while recognising the independent status and decision-making processes of...

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Our members agree on a number of key values, ideals and principles. Some of those shared values are: Empathy, Care, Respect, Social Responsibility, Altruism, Human Rights, Democracy, Non-instrumentalisation of religion in politics, Equality.

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We aim to facilitate greater interaction between like-minded organisations who share the same values, ideals, principles and inspiration so that organisations learn from each other. Connected-thinking is vital to achieve the most out of the limited resources available to voluntary organisations. Ultimtaley, our goal is to encourage efficiency and effectiveness. We believe that cannot be achieved by remaining within our comfort zones...

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We have member organisations from a range of sectors including education, dialogue, relief, culture and religion with more expected to follow.





Themes & Outcomes

The work of our member organisations' fits within one or more of the following themes. These themes can also be considered to be outcomes and/or areas of impact.


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