Our Mission


The VOICES mission is as follows:

  1. Streamline output through the sharing of best practice and ideas
  2. Build capacity through specialist support and training
  3. Reach broader swath of British society through mutual feedback and encouragement

We aim to facilitate greater interaction between like-minded organisations who share the same values, ideals, principles and inspiration so that organisations learn from each other. Connected-thinking is vital to achieve the most out of the limited resources available to voluntary organisations. Ultimtaley, our goal is to encourage efficiency and effectiveness. We believe that cannot be achieved by remaining within our comfort zones. Therefore, VOICES encourages and challenges its member organisations to reach a broader and more diverse swath of the British society and to engage in meaningful parnterships with other organisations working in the same area. Since VOICES was founded with this mission in mind, our member organisations have already demonstrated a commitment to achieving this goal.


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